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Top Quality Line offers Best Top Quality Digitizing Services and We offer all types of Digitizing including 3D Puff, Patches, Applique Digitizing with All the Major Machine Formats (Native files) such as: DST, CND, OFM, PXF, PES, PEC, JEF, EMB, ART, EXP, HUS, NGS, POF, ESS, ESL, T10, T15, DAT, VEP, SAS, MJD, DSB, DSZ, 10O, KSM, TAP, T01, T03, T04, T05, SEW, JEF, HUS, PCD, PCQ, CSD, ART and XXX, etc.


TOP QUALITY LINE is a company of unique Embroidery Digitizing Services according to the Advanced Fashion World by having a team of Qualified Digitizers & Vector Artists with Good Working Skills & Experiences. We just want to offer you the Best Quality Services for sure.Our Top Quality is guaranteed, so you can feel free to get back with us at any time. Our Diverse and Qualified Team of Professionals produce the Best Digitized results which are not only perfect in Quality but meet your perspective and customized requirements as well. We create enhanced details, sharper designs, less thread breakage and less wasted materials, thus ensuring faster and time saving production runs to meet your deadlines and our Turnaround is 3-5 hours according to the complexity, but we finish our all work before coming morning, so definitely you will get your orders finish done before you open your shop in the morning. We also offer most of the edits free, except adding a new part to the original logo we have done or if you change your introduction that need us to re-digitize, such as adding lettering, background. Otherwise Editing Service is free. We offer strict Quality control measures with our client’s total satisfaction in mind. Should your digitized design not meet your expectations of Quality Embroidery Digitizing, standards based on the machine(s) you use, the products on which you intend to run, or even the way you prefer to run your designs, we will edit the digitized design absolutely FREE of cost.

Digitizing Tools

We use the most powerful and useful tools for digitizing purpose to produce high quality files that always produces perfect results.

Top Quality Line is a platform of Best Quality Services there you can get Best Quality Digitizing and Vector Art Services in a meantime. Our Qualified Team always ready to come up with the Top Quality work according to your need and finalizing your design order on prompt basis. Our Premium Quality Digitizing Services ensure enhanced details, less thread breakage, sharper designs and less wastage of material which leads to faster and time saving production because we work fast so that our Clients meet deadlines. Our Customers can also place Rush order and we will process that Rush order in next 1-3 hours without an additional cost. We are equipped with Quality Staff of Digitizers & Vector Artists having an Experience of more than 15 years and they are having Great command in their respective fields. Our expertise also includes Best Quality Digitizing of small letters, applique, complex designs, layered thread patterns, three dimensional effects and puff embroidery.

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